Choosing A Great Dog Kennel

When it comes to outdoor dogs in particular, it is very important that you get a dog kennel, to make sure that your best friend in the whole world is protected from the elements when there is bad weather. No dog likes staying outside and freezing their furry butts off in the winter cold or boiling in their fur coats in the summer heat. You need to choose a kennel for your dog, but you can’t just pick any old kennel. You need something that the dog and you will be happy with. Here are some of the things you need to consider when getting a kennel for your dog:

Raise it up

The kennel needs to have small blocks underneath it. These will lift the kennel off the ground. This is more important than you think. Your puppy or dog needs to be able to sleep in there on the wet days as well. If the kennel lies on the ground, the water and the cold are going to seep up through the floor and make for a very uncomfortable canine. Most dog kennels sale at affrodable prices have platforms on them already, so keep an eye out!

Size matters

If you are getting a kennel for a puppy, try not to get one the size of a five year old’s doll house. Keep in mind that puppies are baby dogs, and babies do grow up. When browsing all the dog kennels for sale you need to pick one which will be able to accommodate your canine comfortably even after it is fully grown. Great Dane owners, beware. Getting a kennel that is too large is going to be a bad idea though. Dogs are actually very clean animals. They always follow the saying “you don’t poop where you sleep”, in that they never soil their sleeping areas. If the kennel you get is too big, they might cordon off half of the space as a bathroom and the other half as a bedroom, and guess who is going to have to clean up after them? For more info about dog dental care products, visit

Building materials

Normal kennels are made out of a combination of wood and metal. They are the most popular kind, but can actually be among the most difficult to clean. They also have a tendency to get dirty pretty fast. In addition to this, they can be heavy and bulky, and can be a burden to everyone. If you are in the market for a kennel, look for one that is made of plastic. They are lighter, stronger, and better ventilated and insulated, ensuring that your dog stays comfortable throughout the year.